Why does pine smell so good?

That fresh Christmas Tree smell

During that deep inhale, you were experiencing the effect of alpha pinene, another terpene you can find in many edible and fragrant products. This naturally occurring compound mix emits what would be perceived as a woodsy fragrance, and can be found in the oils of coniferous trees such as pine tree.

But why does it make me feel so clean?

When you clean with a disinfecting pine-like product, the house just feels so much fresher right? That's because Alpha Pinene also acts as a strong disinfectant, sanitiser and deodorizer, that is great for killing stinky fungi and bacteria. A special feeling inside associates the woody odour of the Alpha Pinene with nature and cleanliness, making us feel at ease with our surroundings. 

Did you know?

Terpenes present in the conifer sap help defend the trees from insects. If there's enough concentrate present in a product, you can enjoy that fresh scent in peace and quiet of that buzzzz.

Test the aroma

We've blended an inspired wax melt in your favourite pine fresh disinfectant fragrance. Check out  Deep Clean wax melts, just £2.49 for 10 melts in a resealable card box. 


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