Bubbly News

A massive welcome to our new bubbling colour bomb range!

The first of the range is Purple Thunder which you may recognise from our discontinued bubble bar range *sobs*. But do not fear! All those great fragrances, colours and designs are coming back in the run up to Christmas.

The Purple Thunder design has been altered slightly with the addition of crisp blue bands to compliment the vibrant purple and together leaves the water a deep indigo. Also there is no glitter in this bomb, it is already fabulous without. The fragrance is the same and in the bomb holds much stronger. so strong that your skins smells gorgeous for the rest of the day!

My favourite thing about Purple Thunder is how elegant the bomb dances across the water and of course, how many bubble it makes! It lasts around 6 minutes which means you can really enjoy the scent, bubbles and colours it creates. This one is certainly my new favourite!

TIP: Pop this one in the bath at the start to take advantage of the bubble mountains it creates

Can you remember any of the bubble bar products? What are they 're interpretations going to look like? My excitement just can't be contained!


Love, Chloe x


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