Help Us Donate 1000 Meals This Christmas

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're having a fabulous week and holding up during the changes this week. 

We've been so grateful for the huge surge in popularity as we've finally released our Christmas range. You can be assured that there's three people sat round the computer in the morning doing a little smile over our coffees. What makes it more special is the time it takes for us to think of ideas and make the products, feels appreciated and recognised. Especially when we get the excited jig about new ideas we've thought of and bring them to the website.

With a surge in interest, we want to use our digital reach to raise an important talking point and reminder that we are still in a food crisis, and getting worse. There are so many different ways you can help, not just by donating money. Here's a link to charity Fair Share who we will be supporting with our charity bundle:

To do our bit, we are aiming to donate the equivalent money for 1000 meals, which is bundle sold will donate 10 meals. We hope that together we can reach the target, and hope this inspires you to check out fareshare, and see what you can do to help food poverty. Imagine the change we'd see if we just did, our little bit! 

Thank you for popping by for this short read!

Team Pretty Suds 😊 

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