*IMPORTANT* Liquid Hand Santiser



We are very lucky to have a small amount of raw material to make a 70% isopropyl alcohol hand sanitiser. We are just labeling them up through the night but understand the urgency of the situation. 

These are almost cost price as we want to help our community in keeping the UK safe. 

They are made of two ingredients, witch hazel and isopropyl alcohol. You can pop them in a spray bottle and use them to spray yourself, your neighbour, even the phone you are holding now.

We have a very limited number of bottles, we have actually bought the sprays from our local Primark. If you already have a spray bottle, please leave the limited number available for those who cannot access one. 

We are also based in Rotherham, if you wish to collect we will refund your delivery charge. If you have bottles at home, you are welcome to bring them down and we will sanitise and fill them.

Let's all come together and #keepGBmoving 

We wish all of our customers good health in these testing time x


  • by Camilla on

    Can I buy 3 hand sanitizer please .in need as I’m.a carer and I’m running so low x

  • by Hayley Chambers on

    Love to buy 3 please – I am on the vunerable list – I am 47 and have COPD – Many thanks

  • by Chloe on

    How much is it for 3 of these? In desperate need for my Mum who is vulnerable at this time.

  • by Sarah on

    Will u b making any more , would love to buy 3 as my daughter works in a nursing home and can not get any anywhere

  • by Sue on

    Could I order 3 hand sanitizers please for pick up

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