✨ Important Update Regarding Sunnyside Up Egg Boxes ✨

Due to the circumstances, we are unable to donate the full amount of Chocolate Eggs to children in care due to social distancing. We have distributed the chocolate eggs we have currently bought to our local food donation sites.

We have come to the agreement, that as we can't reach the children, we'd like to reach those who are caring for them during this pandemic. We have used the additional revenue to contribute towards buying extra materials to make up an additional 200 subscription boxes.


We would like you to nominate your friends, family and special members of the community who work with children to receive one. From social workers, to those on the maternity unit, we want to treat them to a relaxing bath after the hard work they have put in! Please send your nominations to our email: theoffice@prettysuds.co.uk, we cannot accept them on any other platforms. Don't forget to tag them in our post and let them know how much we appreciate them all 🥰

I look forward to hearing all of your lovely nominations!
Chloe 😁

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