Is our packaging recyclable?

No more unnecessary plastic!

We try our best wherever possible to be as sustainable as possible. As well as planting one tree for every order, we take care with all of our product packaging;
  • Our bath bombs are now wrapped in environmentally friendly bags with an adorable sticker of who made the product. 
  • Our bath rocks come in a recyclable cardboard tubes that you can reseal and keep in your cupboard.
  • Our body scrubs and butters, as they are liquid, come in a PET-1 tub and aluminium lid. You can toss these in your recycle bins!
  • Our 10 wax melt products are nestled in a resealable cardboard box and 100g wax snap bars environmentally friendly paper.
  • Our 12 wax boxes are manufactured in the UK using virgin fibre material from sustainable sources, and the insert is Pentaform® PVC which is classified as Category 3 recyclable. 

Our next big tree plant is on the 30th of November, where we'll be adding over 5000 trees to our forest! 

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