me_mypassions_plus5 Being A Mum In A Lockdown - How can bath bombs help?

Hello, I’m Katie, a bath bomb addict from Shropshire, I live with my hubby and 5 children.  

I’m passionate about sharing experiences and it really is sweet to feature in this blog post for Pretty Suds.

 This year has absolutely flown by and I can’t quite believe Christmas it just around the corner. I’ve made a conscious effort to try to support many smaller independent businesses both locally and online this year, sourcing gifts such as prints, hand crafted items and body care products. I feel fortunate that although my business as an intimate waxing specialist has been forced to close during both lock downs, my hubby was able to continue running his business, leaving us financially stable, not rolling in it by any means, but you get the gist and I’m thankful. However the point I was very slowly getting to is, a lot of people may have found themselves struggling this year, and I can empathise having been in a difficult position years ago. Sometimes when shopping for gifts, cost and convenience is often paramount to each individuals circumstances so therefore shopping responsibly for ones own budget is key, and those people shouldn’t feel guilty. Because we all know between word of mouth and social media there is lots we can still do to support smaller businesses, without the pressure of spending a penny, and those little actions are just as important, right now it’s all about just doing what we can.

Having to close my business was emotionally tough and I missed the social aspect of it greatly. I love helping people feel better about themselves, however lockdown gave me a new perspective, to take time for myself and boy have I taken it to a new level. With the ups and downs of the covid pandemic our building works to expand our home were put on hold, well they never actually got started, but that’s for another day. As a consolation we took on a smaller project, which in the end, has turned out to be fabulous. We redid the main bathroom upstairs and it was not long after this that my sister in law told me about her Pretty Suds subscription box. I hadn’t used a bath bomb for at least 14 years, after an incident, that left me, well, long story short, quite, no not quite VERY sore. But I was drawn in by the fabulous designs and stunning colours, but mainly the affordability. As a family of 7 bath bombs and fancy body products were something I perceived as a luxury, a gift or now again treat. So I gave it ago and now they are almost a necessity, I love my monthly subscription box, which I often share with the children and of course I’ve also purchased extra bath bombs from the Pretty Suds online store, as well as a couple of other independent stores who I adore. 

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t somebody that used to hang about in the bath. I’d get in, have my 5 minutes peace, get on with washing, etc and I got out, things have really changed. The newly renovated bathroom, which was completely ripped out, right back to the brick work and floor boards, has become my little sanctuary, it feels extra special because I chose every little detail and I just love being in there. 

So hands up, I have a new lockdown induced addiction and that’s bath bombs, I take great joy in seeing them foam and fizz, filming them for my Instagram and watching my children enjoy them too. I light candles, pour myself a drink, which could be anything from gin to hot chocolate or just water, sometimes I even have a snack and if I’m really lucky I’ve got fresh petals picked from the roses in the garden, my other new found passion over lockdown, gardening and flowers, but back to the bathroom, it has become my haven the place to relax for as long as I possibly can draw it out, my me time. 

 Yes, I am still disturbed 99% of the time because that’s just a mums life, but I love my little homely escape and as sad as it may seem to some, those moments of setting it all up, making it look pretty, fill my heart with joy and make me smile. The videos and photos I capture bring those moments back, if only I could capture the aromas too, because some of the scents are out of this world and when my hair still smells fragrant two days later, I just adore it. 

Whilst I always had a personal Instagram I’d wanted to start sharing things and I really didn’t want to bore my real life friends, I sort after a space to document this momentous period of time with my children. With a blogging account and the use of hashtags, I found like minded people appreciated some of the things I wanted to share, I found inspiration and was able to appreciate so much too. It’s a mind boggling community, where cleaning love is tight and home styling is stupendous yet intense, but this was a huge part of me getting through lockdown and not feeling lonely, I found something I could never have imagined or understood before and that is what I dearly refer to as the friends in my phone. 

Last year was the first year we spent Christmas at home, no rushing just enjoying, just being, and this year we intend to do the same, the usual family get togethers over the festive period may not happen or may be slightly different, so I’m trying to go with the flow and just see what covid will allow. I love making homemade gifts from fudge to crafts, so I’ve busied myself, whilst I can’t work, and somehow, love willing, gifts and well wishes will be exchanged safely. 

This year I was given the most precious gift of all, and that is the gift of time with my children, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all rosy, there was tough days, I cried, I think we’ve all cried, but I’m so unbelievably grateful to have had those months with my babies, it fills my heart with sadness that it came about because the world is suffering through this harrowing pandemic, but through the storm, time was my rainbow and my children are my sunshine.

If I’ve learnt anything from lockdown, is that it’s ok to treat myself, to take that me time and especially make an effort to have couple time, also play and be silly with the kids, precious time is so important for the family dynamic. 

 And also, I was right when I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher, I’ll stick to waxing! 

If you’d like to see my bath bombs or the day to day things that I share please hop over to my Instagram @me_mypassions_plus5 

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