Mummy Julie, Waxie Lady

Hey there everyone I thought I would come along and introduce myself and tell you a bit about what I get up to in the world of Pretty Suds.

I'm Julie and I'm mum to the fabulously gorgeous and talented Chloe and also the wax side of Pretty Suds. I may be a bit byast as she does have my genes! Seriously though Im proud of what she has achieved and all the passion we all put into something we love.

As you know Chloe came up with the idea and started Pretty Suds a couple of years ago and I got involved. Of course we are both big bath bomb/bubble bar fans so it was fab to be able to create something you love which is where my side comes in.

A bit fan of all things that smell gorgeous and spending a fortune on wax melts myself I thought if we can create the bath side I'm sure we can try wax. I absolutely love trying new scents and creating the wax ideas. Unfortunately I work full time but my dream would be to work with Chloe and Jake all the time as when we are together the times whizzes by as you are doing something you love.

I started gently with small wax melts and bars then after a lot of research on candles took the plunge on the dessert tarts which everyone loves. Who would have thought a Kenwood mixer would come in so handy for whipping wax! My favourite products at the moment are the little beanies which all smell so divine. 

As Christmas will be upon us soon both Chloe and myself have so many ideas buzzing around in our heads so I know our Christmas ranges will be amazing. 

On the cards for me will be gift boxes of themed wax melts, Christmas wax brittle, wax melts and maybe some candle tins. I made a gorgeous chocolate orange one to try and it got a 10/10 from me so in the next few weeks Im hoping to create more.

Thanks everyone for all your support and please get in touch if you wish to know anything about our ranges on the pretty suds email or the usual social media channels which I must admit Chloe is a lot better at than me (its an age thing )


Love Julie x

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