Wax Melt Spring Clean Essentials

 Our tried and tested top picks of the best Spring Cleaning wax melt blends. Find your new favourite from just £2. Including 10 wax melts in a timeless recyclable and resealable box.

Just starting out? Try our six Spring cleaning essentials for just £14.95.

Deep Clean 50g Wax Melt Box 

Similar to your favourite disinfectant, this melt is rich in a pine and woodsy blend. 

Freshly Cut Grass 50g Wax Melt Box 

Get that mowed lawn feeling, without the hay fever!

Lift Me Up 50g Wax Melt Box 

 Soft sheets flapping in the wind. Another fantastic interpretation of beaded fabric fresheners.

Tiger Lily Whisper 50g Wax Melt Box 

 A stunning complex fragrance that is both fruity and floral. Opening with zesty pineapple and juicy melon, leading to a delicate bouquet of florals. Wrapped on a creamy tonka bean base. 

White Boutique 50g Wax Melt Box 

A dreamy and exotic scent collaboration that will whisk you off your feet to a bungalow on the Maldives sea. 

Fluffy Towels 50g Wax Melt Box

Warm Towels Clean From The Dryer. A favourite dupe of a famous candle blend!

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