Artemis Accessories

I'm Charlotte and I'm the owner of ARTEMIS!

I created the business at 16 when I had just finished high school and decided I wanted to start making and designing jewellery. It has gone from being my teenage hobby, making jewellery on my bedroom floor to this being my full time job, shipping orders all around the world and having the ability to grow an amazing team of women behind the brand. Its amazing!
All of our products are inspired by goddesses and everything ethereal, from handmade jewellery to hand-illustrated prints, notebooks and tote bags!
I love our chain earrings and charm chokers - they are both so dainty but still statement pieces and I love making them!

We are named after Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, nature and the wild!


Use the code Athena at the checkout when you spend £25 and get free postage with your order

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