Finley & Pearly

My name is Staci and I am the brains behind Finley and Pearly Handmade. I started the business in 2017 after the arrival of my daughter Pearl.

Her dummies were always going missing so I decided to try making her a dummy clip myself. From then I made more and more because I loved the creativity of designing whatever type and colour I wanted.

At Finley and Pearly Handmade we make a wide range of gorgeous baby and toddler gifts.

Dummy clips, Pram Charms and teething rings are just some examples. Since I loved being able to create whatever design I wanted for my daughter, I wanted to make this option available for others therefore the majority of our products are personalised. Every creation is that little bit more unique and special- just like the little ones we make them for!


The product that is my favourite to make here at Finley and Pearly Handmade is the Pram Bunny. It has two components to it so I love the finished result when it all comes together. As well as looking beautiful it also keeps children occupied whilst in their pram. It is one of our best sellers!



An interesting fact about Finley and Pearly Handmade is that it was actually named after my two beautiful children.

I have a 9 year old son called Finley and a 4 year old daughter called Pearl.


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