Oh My Choc

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Oh My Choc all began with a dairy intolerant chocoholic on the hunt for indulgent vegan treats! After giving up dairy for health reasons, I felt like nothing quite hit the spot! I started creating and testing vegan recipes and became really obsessed with re creating vegan versions of chocolate bars. I made bounty, Mars, twix, but nothing was as good as the Snickers! I started selling the vegan snickers to local cafes and they became so popular that I decided I could make a business! When the lockdown started I thought it would be a good chance to test it out and set up my website.

'My favourite item to craft from my range is definitely the nougat bars. They are made with lots of love! I also absolutely love doing vegan custom cakes for local customers. I love a chocolate drizzle cake!'

An interesting fact! My Peanut Nougat Bars have been sold in the same café in Peckham for 3 years and I used to get stopped in the street as I was doing my deliveries and people would shout ‘VEGAN SNICKERS LADY’ at me. One lady made me jump out of my skin! Since expanding the range to all the hazelnut treats, they have actually become just as popular as the peanut ones. People say they love them as they aren’t too sickly sweet.

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