Posh Puddin

We are a family run business, and a mother and daughter team with contributing talents and strengths. 
We began our journey back in 2017 when we set up our first market stall in Camden Market as the Portobello Attic. During our time as Portobello Attic we learnt and achieved so much, we sold our dairy and gluten free cheesecakes at Vegan Nights LDN, hosted a pop up shop at Sourced Market and supplied to London delis and shops including Farm Girl, Bayley and Sage and many more. We even won a 2 Star Great Taste Award in 2019!!
In 2020 we decided to take advantage of the extra time and revise our brand, ingredients, product and packaging. Posh Puddin’ was born and launched in November 2020. We remove Soy and Palm oil from all of our cheesecakes and swapped plastics for reusable glass jars. We have become more sustainable and commercial and far more delicious. 
Posh Puddin’ is a range of pea and coconut alternative to cheesecakes. 
From our 8 delicious flavours we have a flavour to suit everyone's needs from Salted Caramel with sticky apply to White chocolate Raspberry. 
All of our cheesecake puds are vegan and free from gluten, wheat, soy and palm oil. 
Hand made using organic, natural and high quality ingredients, each pud is perfectly portioned to under 330 calories per pud. 
All of our ingredients are made from our own recipes, from our cream cheese alternative to our gluten free oat biscuit base. 
All of the cheesecakes embody different personalities, with different layers and flavour combinations. Each flavour is absolutely delicious and fun to hand make. 
Our flavours include: 
- Salted Caramel with Sticky Apple
- White Chocolate Raspberry 
- Blueberry Cream 
- Tiramisu 
- Cherry Bakewell 
- Strawberry Shortbread 
- Cream Caramel 
- White Chocolate Pistachio 
We have an ambition  to become more than just a delicious range of plant based puds, we are committed to our planet and communities. We will be donating a proportion of our profits to environmental charities to support our planet and  local charities to support those without shelter and food in the UK. 
Ps. We are launching a brand new flavour in the next months the ultimate taste of spring 


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