Rae Raes Accessories

RaeRaesAccessories was developed in August 2020 from my passion for different kinds of sweet foods.

 It all started from a young age when I fell in love with all things sweet. Sweets, chocolate, ice cream, doughnuts, pancakes, pastries you name it, I ate it. I couldn’t help myself. I was addicted and I’d spend all my pocket money on sweets from the local corner shop. About 9 months ago I started resin and clay sculpting as a hobby and I instantly started creating sweet treats. From there I quickly developed a strong passion for making sweet treat accessories and now I’m here turning a hobby into a business so I can continue to do what I love and share my art and passion with the world.
My favourite item to make is definitely my cupcake keyrings! They’re the second accessory I ever made and there is just so much satisfaction in piping the icing like you would a real cake and adding a big helping of sprinkles but without the calorie count!
An interesting business fact.. I was originally going to start my business making sweet food themed bath bombs, wax melts and candles! Due to a couple of start up issues at the time this had to be postponed but as RaeRaesAccessories expands there is definitely still room for some beauty/home fragrance collections along the way. Watch this space...
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