Squirrels Gold

Hi, I'm Aneeta and I am proud to say that I am the brains and hard work behind Squirrels Gold!

It all began late last year during my maternity leave in lockdown. We moved into our first home which is a new build so a complete blank canvas, and had our baby boy. 
I wanted to document our journey of renovating our home, so turned to Instagram, which quickly became a hobby that kept me sane! From there, my love for home decor was reignited. I was constantly trying to find items that were so unique and beautiful, yet affordable, and this inspired to me to provide this myself as I also wanted to share these treasures with everyone!
It was a very organic move and I had no intention of this happening when entering maternity leave, but it is perfect to let me be with my son and not sit at a 9-5 corporate desk job, and instead love what I do every day.
I absolutely adore every single piece of treasure that we have, I am always having to stop myself from keeping it all to myself (but hey, I'm the boss - sometimes I don't try too hard to stop myself)!
The nursery items are just adorable, but I do love the design and quality of everything, nothing will go on sale without being quality checked, and my favourite part of the process is packaging up orders.
If I had to pick a favourite it would be our Fringed Mirror. I had a vision for what I wanted and was over the moon when I found it! 
A lot of people ask about the name, this is of course named after my motivation and reason for starting my business, and that is my son. He had lots of nicknames when he was born, and the main ones were based around squirrel and gold! Although I am the brains behind the business, my husband and son are my never-ending support and number one fans, who I could not do this without.

We are very proud that Squirrels Gold only use recyclable or reused packaging so that nothing goes to waste.

We are also animal friendly and will never sell anything that contains real leather. 

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