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Each bottle is over 200 drops of concentrated fragrance lasting up to 300 hours when used with an ultrasonic diffuser.

Our oils are synthetic fragrances chosen from the finest fragrance houses. Some oils do contain essential oil blends but are not absolute. We have selected and blended synthetic fragrance oils as they are more diverse in fragrance notes that would not be possible with essential or raw oils. For example, the origination of 'real' musk is not one to be googled for the faint hearted, but with the advancements in specialist fragrances houses, we can duplicate this unique scent synthetically and sustainably.

They shouldn't be used directly on your skin as they are pure and can cause irritation. If you do spill on your hands just wash your hands with soap and water and they will be fine. All the safety information comes with the oil.

Yes you can! As well as being great for Ultrasonic Diffusers, the oil can be used in standard oil burners using a few drops added to water in the well. Also the oil is great for hoover discs and air freshener cards.