The Story So Far

We began crafting with soap in 2014 as an alternative to supermarket bought soap (we hated how it made your skin feel so tight!). 

After creating some wonderful lines we opened our Etsy store in February 2015 and began to do a variety of markets and fairs.

The following Christmas we discovered the magic of bubble bars (we miss you guys!) and bath bombs. We found that many people used these products to self soothe both emotionally and physically. This was a matter dear to our hearts and we began to create products to make people smile. 

We later opened a website and traded on a market for a short period. 

As we grew we built our company on the foundations that our products would help others. We have donated time and money to local schools, care homes and charity organisations. 

We now operate solely online and have various stockist across the country. Little by little we are spreading the love for self indulgence, fun and me-time.

Thank you for all the support we have received from customers and little helpers. We couldn't have created this without your support!