Until Dispatch Day!

 A Show Like Never Before! 

This month we've got a box of COLOUR coming to your door. With fourteen individual bath bombs to get you in the mood for Autumnal festivities.
Wait. did you say fourteen bath bombs? 
That's right! To celebrate the launching of our Bath Rocks this October, we've included 10 blocks of maple syrup bath rocks to enjoy. Whether you pop them in one by one, or throw it the whole bag, you can sure expect a beautiful show!

 Mushu 3000 Bath Bomb

A Catherine wheel inspired bath bomb that floats and turns on the water. Decorated with shimmering gold mica.   

- Fragrance - 
A fragrance blend of earthy and woody tones. Strong notes of patchouli, orange, lemon, and cinnamon.

Fizz Fountain Bath Bomb

A beautiful fountain of adorable colours for an oooo, aaaa, eeee!

- Fragrance -
A fragrance blend of lavender, lily, rose and jasmine.

Blue Odyssey Rocket Bath Bomb

Woooooooosh! A bright rocket to light up your bath water. Decorated with hand painted metallic stripes. 

- Fragrance - 
A fragrance blend of orange, lemon and clove. 

Bonfire Bath Bomb

Our fireworks box wouldn't be complete without a warm bonfire on a cold evening!
- Fragrance -
A fragrance blend of uplifting lime and neroli. 

Left Over Candy Bath Bomb

And finally when you're all warm and snug, you can enjoy 10 individual shooter blocks of maple syrup sweeties. 

- Fragrance - 
A delicious blend of maple syrup.  

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