Ingredient Information: Colour Bombs

Our Colour Bombs are made up of the 'Super Six' ingredients. How? We don't believe in preservatives and other nasty additives to make the product stable for a long shelf life. We make all of our product fresh, hold little stock and advise to use within 18 months.

A fresh life is a good life!

Sodium Bicarbonate

This is the gentle partner of the feisty relationship with citric acid. Made up mainly of two natural ingredients, salt and limestone, this gentle ingredient softens the water and helps maintain the shape of the bomb. An old fashioned remedy, It is used as an antacid to treat heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. However, we don't advice eating a bath bomb. 


Citric Acid

The trouble causing, fight starting, explosive nature clashes with it's partner Sodium Bicarbonate in the bath, creating carbon dioxide and fizz. The fiery nature of Citric Acid comes from it's structure as it is a naturally occurring fruit acid. 


Corn starch

maize starch and cornflour is extracted from maize as a powdered starch. The process of extraction involves soaking and grinding maize kernels in order to isolate the germ from the bran. We use a dash of this natural ingredient to help soften your tub.

Polysorbate 80

This interesting ingredient is popular non-irritating emulsifier, which is very mild on the skin. This basically means it allows your tub water and the oils from your bomb to mix together in harmony. It creates the silky foam on the top of your water and helps to carry the beautiful colours out of the bomb.



Our fragrance oils are hand blended by experts in Stirlingshire. They are premium fragrances, many of which are inspired by High Street popular fragrances. Each blend is made up of a variety of 'notes' and 'bases' which creates a rich and complex smell like no other. You can really tell the difference as they are so incredibly strong!

Some of our fragrances are allergen-free. This means they do not contain any of the 26 potential allergens outlined in the seventh amendment of the EU cosmetics directive and are less harsh on your skin.


Powder Colour & Mica

We only use water soluble colours which means they won't stick to the side of your tub or skin. The colours we use are multi-use and can be used to colour bright food we all love. For example: CI42090, which is known as Blue FCF is also E133 which is found in Skittles! 

Coloured Micas which is their popular name or Pearlescents as they are also called, are beautiful natural colours that are created by coating muscovite mica flakes with high heat resistant iron oxides, ultramarines (referred to as 'nature identical') or dyes. Micas are the base of many beauty products.