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wax melts

Soy Wax Melts in sixty unique fragrance blends. Includes ten melts in a resealable and recyclable box.

Aroma oils

Add few drops of aroma oil to your ultrasonic diffuser to enjoy hours fragrance.

reed diffuser sets

A stunning glass bottle of diffuser oil and four high-quality reeds. Room filling fragrance for up to 8 weeks.

room mists

The perfect way to freshen up your home with your favourite fragrances.

Fragrance Blends For Every Mood

Hand made in yorkshire


wax melts

Electronic & Ceramic Wax Warmers perfect for any décor.

Reed diffusers

Replacement reeds and stunning glass vessels to add a little extra to your tradtional diffuser.

ultrasonic diffusers

Safely diffuse fragrances into your home, whilst creating a perfect ambiance.