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Boo! To A Ghost

A handcrafted breakable wax bar, decorated in hand painted spooky designs and sprinkled with biodegradable glitter.

- Fragrance - 
A sensational freshly baked doughnut aroma, crackling as its turned in white cane sugar and crushed cinnamon bark.

(BBW's Cinnamon Sugared Donuts)

Pumpkin Latte

An adorable box packed full of cute little pumpkins. Some of them natural and some with sweet little faces!

- Fragrance -
A delicious and creamy indulgent pumpkin spiced latte. Opening with warm spicy notes of cinnamon, snuggled by rich roast coffee. Leading to a milky sugar swirl and a sprinkling of nutmeg and ginger.

Dragon's blood

A box of ten red a black contrasting gem shapes.
- Fragrance -
A sensational romantic incense type with warming notes of amber, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli. Lightened by a touch of rose, jasmine and lilac and hints of tangy blood orange and grapefruit. 

Treacle Corn

A box of ten sugared gems in a variety of neutral colours, all brushed with shimmering gold.

- Fragrance - 
Oozing sugary treacle solidifies into a hard sweet, trapping notes of Madagascar vanilla and hints of spice and musk. 

 Spider Lane

A box of captured glistening bats, spiders and skull shapes.

- Fragrance -
A wonderful autumnal blend of mulled apple cider wrapped in warm caramel and a splash of sweet cinnamon. 

(BBW's Cider Lane Dupe) 

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