ūü¶ąBundle: September Bubble Wax Melt Bar & Bath Bomb Subscription 'Deep Blue' ūü¶ą

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ūü¶ą 5¬†Handmade Bath Goodies and 5 Handmade Wax Goodies direct to your door.

  • Billed monthly on the 14th¬†September¬†(if subscribed, you won't be billed twice in a month. For example, if you newly subscribed on the 6th¬†September, you won't be billed until the 14th¬†October)
  • Dispatched together from 21st September (same every month)
  • Cancel anytime with no fees
  • Contains exclusive products never sold outside the box
  • New theme every month!

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Hand wrapped in biodegradable plastic

Store me in a cool, dry place with no moisture as this makes me sweaty. I am a vampire and do not like the sunshine as this makes my skin bleach and go soft. Love and care for me, and I will last up to one year from purchase!

100% made by soft hands by a small business in lovely Yorkshire

Vegan Friendly and completely against animal testing.


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