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Charlie & The Bath Bomb Factory Bath Bomb Box
Charlie & The Bath Bomb Factory Bath Bomb Box

Charlie & The Bath Bomb Factory Bath Bomb Box

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Five fabulous inventions with sensorial surprises inside! Alluring colours & designs, with fragrances inspired by Lush!

Surprise Egg Bath Bomb 

Crack open this Bad Egg to discover a fizzy powdered centre, scented with notes reminiscent of Lush's Comforter fragrance.


Suds Bar Bath Bomb

Sink into a deliciously scented tub with a choco-rainbow bath bomb! Plus, a golden ticket is hidden in the Suds Bar - £50 could be yours! Best of luck!

Flumpa Lumpa Bath Bomb

Let your dreams come alive and dive into a sea of flumps with this cuddly bath bomb! With two hues for a stunning bathtime show, the smell of Lush American Cream will have you blissed out in no time.


Mike TV Bath Rocks

It's Suds Vision! Inside the packet is tiny fragments of Mike TV that will create a real show in your bath tub! The bubbles and colours will sit on top of the water so you can make pretty designs and swirls. Fragrance inspired by Lush Rockstar.


Ultra Violet Bath Bomb

A kaleidoscopic of colours with a Parma Violet scent that'll whisk you away to Lush-land! It's a magical marvel that'll leave you feeling soft and cuddly. Plus, the mesmerizing visuals are sure to add a touch of whimsy to your bath time experience!