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Hand Sanitiser Bundle Deal

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Use code 'STAYHOME' to claim free postage on this product!


  • 2 x 250ml refill bottles of santising alcohol liquid
  • 1 x empty spray bottle

They are made of two ingredients, witch hazel, and isopropyl alcohol. You can pop them in the spray bottle and use them to spray yourself, your neighbour, even the phone you are holding now. I actually am very keen on the spray rather than the gel as I can spray the same amount every time on my hands. We also often use ours in the car to spray the steering wheel and shopping trolley when we go to the supermarket. We all forget all these random places we touch throughout the day! 

We are constantly manufacturing these and have placed these bundles on pre-order of a limited amount so we can ensure that these are manufactured and fulfilled before releasing any more. With limited resources being constantly processed, we want to serve as many people as possible but not go ahead of our materials (it's hard to measure liquids in a big drum!).

As a small company with a team of just three, we are safeguarding by only visiting our workplace and home (where we all live together during the quarantine and whilst continuing to work together). We do drop off our parcels at our local post office but are reducing this to three visits per week (Mon, Wed, Fri). And of course, we are the cleanest people in the UK making all of this hand santiser, but we do wear additional masks, gloves, and overalls to keep us and our customers as safe as possible.


Let's all come together and #keepGBmoving 

We wish all of our customers good health in these testing time x

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Hand wrapped in biodegradable plastic

Store me in a cool, dry place with no moisture as this makes me sweaty. I am a vampire and do not like the sunshine as this makes my skin bleach and go soft. Love and care for me, and I will last up to one year from purchase!

100% made by soft hands by a small business in lovely Yorkshire

Vegan Friendly and completely against animal testing.


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