Land Before Time Bath Box

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  • Description
  • 🦖 RAWRRRR! 🦖

    A fantastic handmade collection of your favourite dinosaurs nestled in a printed box. 

  • What's Included?
  • 🦖 Bernard The Brontosaurus - A friendly herbivorous dinosaur who will create a magic blue bath. His smell is a classic bubble gum aroma with a sticky twist of ripe strawberries, peaches, and raspberries. 

    Rico the Raptor is bright in fiery red. But don't be fooled, he's a delicate soul who loves to paint his nails in glitter gold! His aroma captures a sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries wrapped in intense creamy vanilla

    Penelope The Pterodactyl is an adorable baby sitting cosy in her little egg. Not quite ready to spread her dainty wings, she nestles in a bed of a sweet confectionary accord of lemon with a mouth-watering fizz. 

    🦖 Tommy The T-Rex is a special little dinosaur with his first baby tooth. He creates green bath water, with an aroma of a tantalising twist of refreshing watermelon glittered in lime, apple, and summer fruits.

    🦖 Tina The Triceratops is a fabulous queen of the dinosaurs, with a handpainted crown. She has an aroma of a delicious fruit cocktail of pineapple, mango, passionfruit, and papaya with subtle fresh green fruity notes.

  • 🦖 Packaging 🦖
  • Each bath bomb is individually wrapped in a biodegradable greaseproof paper bag with ingredients displayed. The dinosaurs are nestled in biodegradable packaging peanuts. A beautiful booklet is enclosed with areas to tick which of your favourite dinosaurs you have used or collected. 

    😍 Five fragrant, fun fizzies!  🌱 One tree planted every order  💥 

    Customer Reviews

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    Alison Smith
    Land before (bath)time

    As usual gorgeous. Smell lovely and just looking at them makes me smile. They make bath time a joy. Luckily my daughter hasn't visited me recently or they would have been extinct.

    Lisa Hughes
    Land Before Time Bath Bombs

    My 21 year old was thrilled with this surprise gift. We used to watch this cartoon when she was just a tiny little girl. The bath bombs fizzed instantly when they touched the water and they smelt devine. My whole upstairs smelt of the most delicious candy. She absolutely loved them. Thankyou

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