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Pineapple Under The Sea Bath Bomb Box
Pineapple Under The Sea Bath Bomb Box

Pineapple Under The Sea Bath Bomb Box

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Bring Bikini Bottom to your bathroom with these Spongebob style bath bombs! Get whisked away with the sweet and tropical fragrances, and colours as bright as a coral reef.  Included in this box is five full size fragrant fizzies, each with hidden colours inside. All carefully 3D designed, hand pressed and painted by us!

Bob Sponge Pants Square Bath Bomb

Our favourite pineapple-dwelling sponge and his cheery outlook, this zesty bath bomb blends coconuts and dragon fruit. Drop him under the sea and watch him fizz away to reveal three hidden colours that create a coral reef of colours in the tub!


Paddy The Starfish Bath Bomb

Have a lazy day with Paddy The Starfish, wrapping you in sparkling strawberries, sugar and vanilla with a touch of zest. Swirling around with hidden colours inside, and leaves your skin feeling as soft as a starfish's belly. 

Larry The Snail Bath Bomb

Mosey around with lovely Larry The Snail, leisurely drifting and gracing the tub with a green trail. Watch him make waves with a twisted berries and citrus fragrance. Splish, splash, and colourful bubbles: the perfect way to make bath time something to look forward to!


Squidbert Bath Bomb

Take a bath with Squidbert, the “tentacoolest” bath bomb around! This luxurious bomb from the iconic Spongebob Squarepants collection infuses your bath with a delightful lychee & guava fragrance and releases a miserable dark purple colour from inside. 


 Ananas Under The Sea Bath Bomb

Explore the bathy depths of the sea with this Ananas Under The Sea bath bomb! This SpongeBob-inspired pineapple house is packed with pink colour and blended with a delightful pineapple fragrance.