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Each box has six individual bath bombs nestled in an egg box. Perfect for gifting!

Our bath bombs are blended with skin nourishing sweet almond oil and for most people are completely safe. We do not use complex ingredients and additives to preserve our products.

Our bath bombs last up to two years if they are safe in their packaging and kept away from humidity and direct sunlight. 

Our bath bombs are cosmetically assessed with a recommended age of 3+.

Upon touching water, the two main ingredients sodium bicarbonate and citric acid react together. This reaction creates hundreds of crazy bubbles that lift the fragrance into the air and pretty colours in the water. 

Bath bombs are safe to use, so long as your bath isn't too hot. We do not use essential oils in our bath bombs.

As bath bombs are a bubbling chemical reaction, the hotter your bath, the crazier they fizz. They are completely safe to touch during the reaction. Our top tip is just to run your bath as normal and enjoy the show before adding additional lotions and potions to the water!