Golden Egg Hunt

How it works

We've released two thousand egg boxes onto our website, each prepacked with a little card and potentially, a shiny gold egg.

You may be lucky enough to find our top prize, a £500 TUI voucher.

Inside one of our egg boxes, is six golden eggs and the fantastic prize of a holiday for you and whoever deserves to share the sunshine with you. This will be a gift voucher through their website, giving you the flexibility to choose your destination!

Or find a single gold egg to choose a prize from a range of amazing small businesses.

We've chosen a wonderful collection of creative individuals to showcase their beautiful products. From your favourite brands, to ones we've found that are up and coming, we'll sure you'll find something you love. 

Find a silver egg to win one of 450 Pretty Suds prizes 

We've hidden all sorts of goodies, from free bath bombs to huge discounts for our website. 

But, there is a possibility you may come across a cheeky Cheshire Cat!

Of course, it isn't a hunt if they're easy to find. There's still a 1/4 chance of finding a prize, but we couldn't possibly predict in what order you'll come across these smooth criminals.

Each egg box plants one tree in our forest

To kick start our pledge to plant 10,000 trees this year we are hoping to sell all of our boxes, to be a fifth closer to our target.

Discover how we work towards being the most climate possible business that we can achieve here. 

In 30 Different Collectable Fragrances 

We've redesigned our egg boxes with fantastic designs that are inspired by full size products. This way, you can collect all of your favourite fragrances, or try a box to sample our products. 

Our products are blended with sweet almond oil to make them nourishing for sensitive skin. 

Ready to take a bath on the wild side?

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