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Imperfect Mystery Box

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There is an ongoing argument between the girls and boys at Pretty Suds, in that the girls are absolute perfectionists about which products go on sale.

This means that many bath bombs, shower jellies, salts and crumbles become homeless. However, fear not as we bundle them together in a pack of five at a massively discounted price so they can find their forever home with you :)

*PLEASE NOTE - There may be duplication in the bundles but we make sure that there is never more than three of one variation product - We cannot guarantee what will be in the mystery box. However, you can guarantee products from the following options selectable*

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Hand wrapped in biodegradable plastic

Store me in a cool, dry place with no moisture as this makes me sweaty. I am a vampire and do not like the sunshine as this makes my skin bleach and go soft. Love and care for me, and I will last up to one year from purchase!

100% made by soft hands by a small business in lovely Yorkshire

Vegan Friendly and completely against animal testing.


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